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Flumotion hacking

Filed under: Fluendo,Hacking — Thomas @ 9:10 pm

9:10 pm

Progressing at a steady pace. At PyCon I fixed all problems between our Flumotion tree and the newly released Twisted 2.0 (yay guys !). Not too much work actually.

A customer ran into some issues with a bouncer not expiring connections properly. Since we don’t actually have a bouncer that expires clients in the basic version, I proceeded to write a simple component view for bouncers allowing me to expire any keycard issued. That uncovered some subtle bugs in various places, which allowed me to increase the code coverage a little (It now reports 68% covered, but it’s not entirely fair – we’re currently not regression-testing actual components because we haven’t figured out a nice way yet to test them separately from the whole process architecture).

So it’s 68% against about 6000 lines of code, and the whole tree is now at 16.000 lines according to sloccount. So it seems to be worth about $500.000. Check please.

Today I was trying to figure out some nasty reload() bug with our nasty bundling code we have while integrating a patch from Zaheer. Sometimes hacking Python can still be pretty frustrating. Anyway, deferred until Monday.

I have switched to using KDE so you will see my blog on Planet KDE from now on. Really, having your desktop in C and not in C++ and thus being faster to compile really doesn’t matter one iota when you’re using packages anyway.

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