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Back from holidays. More on that later. For now ...


finally found out that where his fancy power block is. But he's insinuating that I'm a thief. Now, if I was a thief, would I really be so dumb as to link so obviously to a picture of his belongings ? No, of course not. The truth of the matter is that this power block was taken with me to Barcelona on the last day in our house in Gent. The day where Peter said "I'm sure I took everything that's mine, if you find anything else you can throw it in the trash." But would a friend throw one of another friend's most prized possessions in the trash ?

Well maybe another friend would. But not I.


The good thing about moving to Python is that I've completely forgotten Perl. I've tried to read some code recently from someone in Perl and it was *hard*. I think that's great.

The bad thing is that there's still Perl out there. Someone recently asked me about a small project I did at the radio station, libuecp. This is a library that speaks the UECP protocol to send commands to RDS transmitters. RDS is the system that sends info your (car) radio like text, station ID, traffic announcements, ...

He had a small issue with it so I decided to clean it up and possibly hand it off. Call it hobbyist pride if you will - this is code I wrote three years ago and really, I should at least make sure it works and can be used, even if I won't rewrite the perl bits just now. I was trying to fix make distcheck, and I noticed I had to put in a hack because perl-generated makefiles do have an install command. But the uninstall command says that uninstall is "unsafe and broken", so it doesn't actually *do* make uninstall. That makes it pretty annoying to integrate with autotools.

I'm sure other people have tried doing this, but google didn't find anything and I couldn't be bothered solving an integration problem for a language I'm pretty sure I'll never use anymore myself anyway in the future, so I put in an uninstall-local rule with lots of finds. Ugly, but works.


An and Mike passed by after we got back from holiday. And suddenly I'm a godfather-to-be.
Found a new restaurant close by our place yesterday, it's only been open for two weeks. Had a very good tuna fish tartar.
Andy feels I should really write about every little thing I do, like tying my shoe laces, not just this overview stuff. For now I'm showing remarkable restraint.

Pet peeves

#19028475: people referring to Windows using any variant such as windoze, winblows, winslow, window$, ... Seriously, stop that crap. It makes you so unmoney. It wasn't funny the first time and the joke hasn't aged well from that point on.

#19281741: autoconf making configure check for all sorts of versions of fortran. There must be some fortran lobby out there sitting on INSANE chunks of money ! Seriously ! WHY ??? Can someone tell me how to make configure not check for all this fortran crap ?

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