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Kristien and I landed in Brussels on Saturday. Wiebe proposed to pick us up and was there half an hour later. He drove us straight to the frietkot nearest to his new loft, where I pigged out on fries, a taco (unrelated to what other countries call 'taco'), kipcorn, spring rolls and garnaalkroket. Kristien tried to confuse the friestender by ordering a "curryworst" but quickly changed her order to "frikandel special" after seeing his questioning looks.

We saw Wiebe's excellent loft, good catch. We saw Wiebe's new girlfriend, another good catch. In the evening some friends came over for a snack, a drink, and a game of Werewolf. Sadly we only played two rounds because Michel's new girlfriend was new to the game and felt too much pressure to understand the game straight from the start - something you really don't want to do when playing this game. She didn't want to keep playing, and since without her we were only seven we could not continue. I should go buy the game and get people back in BCN to play it. It's amazing how a game with so few attributes (a set of picture cards) and so few rules can be one of the most engrossing I've ever played.

Sunday was spent in the Eastern part of the country for the birthday party of Kristien's grandmother, who turned 80. Good old-fashioned Flemish cosiness in an archery's club house with buffet and "vlaai", I loved it.

I had contacted my old dentist to tell her that I could be on stand-by if she found a hole in her schedule or someone decided to cancel an appointment. I got a call from her today to scheduler for Wednesday. I've never been so excited before to go to the dentist's. Correction, I've never been excited to go to the dentist before, ever, period.

Monday was boys' night out, I dragged them along to see Sin City. I definitely liked it, spectacular visuals. Peter was afraid to admit he had spent half the movie with his eyes closed. After that, drinks and chicken legs on the boat. I never realize this when I'm not here in OldCountry but damn, I like my friends. I could just sit around and say nothing for hours while they make fun of eachother. It's been a while since I laughed this much.

Tuesday evening I went for a quick bite with Ellen. Unfounded fears put to rest, good to see her again. And after that, a night out in the garden at Katemy, meeting Muis and playing badminton.

what happened to
the beauty I had
inside of me

I realized late last night that a) I'm happy and b) I've grown emotionally detached again. Also realized this is still a wrong combination. Not sure where to go from there though :)

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