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Went to one day of Werchter with the boys band. Sadly arrived late for AYWKUBTTOD. Rilo Kiley was good. Bloc Party was great, but we didn't go forward soon enough so we had to follow from the side and didn't get enough of the sound. Nine Inch Nails was ok, Interpol was great but short. We got home fairly early because Interpol was moved forward for some reason. Anyway, I realized that I miss going to festivals and having some loud live music play - if the music's good. Maybe I should catch another this year - Pukkelpop or Benecassim.


... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead still takes the prize for coolest band name ever. I didn't really "get" their latest album on the first few listens, but I've been listening to it all day today and "Will You Smile Again" is all over the place, excellent song.

Tom McRae made a new album, has some good tunes on it as usual. Every album he made has at least one song with that McRae Moment - this album has it in Vampire Heart, in the tiny pause between "so I curse you with a vampire heart" (where the backing vocal goes up and decelerates to a standstill right before a drop) and "for letting me love you". That, and the way the woman sighs "love you" after that. Go Tom.

Lift to Experience - how I miss thee. Those sonic scapes of desert rock with a biblical twist and a self-evident grace. There might not ever be another album. Some time ago I found this painful article about the lead singer and the daemons of music. Sad to read, I wish there was redemption at the end.

My brain is wired for music. I walk into an airport hall and hear some woman sing "Too many people" and in that split second the words tranvision, vamp, and perfect shoot through my brain. I guessed a song once where I had heard only the first second - where that second isn't actually part of the song, but just the musicians tuning instruments. When I am old and in a home I will be a reverse jukebox: a song will be played, I will write or type out the artist and song title, and people will take money from me.

I need more music. If anyone has suggestions, shoot.

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