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Mallorca (two weeks ago)

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asleep in the sun
with the ocean washing over

Kristien and I spent a weekend at Mallorca. Mallorca is very nice - if you manage to stay away from the touristy bits (one strip of road we passed had no less than seven (7) SPAR stores over a length of one kilometer). Luckily we had an excellent local guide in the form of our friend Jauma - or "Jim" as his Mallorquina friends call him.

We spent the weekend going to rocky and sandy beaches, going to a birthday barbecue in a house with a nice swimming pool and lots of food (eating in the pool is an excellent way to spend an evening), partying at the local fiesta, snorkeling and frolicking in the water, and visiting some small towns, including the town where we were trying to get invited to Michael Douglas' and Catherine Zeta-Jones' outhouse. Sadly the happy couple had moved out and their place out there is now a restaurant where you have to pay just to get in.

that feline feeling

I don't know how cats manage this in this heat.

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