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18 again

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I'm putting off reminiscing about last year's end and my stay in Belgium. Putting it all down implicitly decides what matters and what didn't and until I do everything still has an equal chance of mattering.

When I was 18 I made a top 20 cassette. I spent some time picking and put together an order of my favourite songs. One of them was Underwhelmed by Sloan. I passed by the FNAC yesterday to pick up a birthday gift for someone because I was invited for dinner, and apparently they had a singles collection out. Picked it up but didn't have time to listen to it, but Underhelmed still packs the same punch, wit and drive it did back then.

Tonight I was staying at home to recover from my week of sore throat and illness, and did some surfing. I had actually never ever seen Sloan live, and once in a while I wondered if they ever tour. So after some websurfing (Sloan is surprisingly common for a website term), I find the site, check for tour dates.

WTF. They are playing tonight in Barcelona. It's 11 PM, and they were opening (no honor among thieves), so there's no point in going anymore.

I think out of the top 10 off that cassette, Underwhelmed is the only song I haven't ever heard live. At least, not played by them - Metal Molly gave a stellar rendition of it at some show way back when.

I hope there's another time.

she skips her classes and gets good grades
I go to my courses rain or shine
she's passing her classes while I attend mine

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