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This week on the way to work I was waiting to cross a road when the traffic light for the vehicles turned to red and mine turned to green.

Wait, it gets better.

A bus started braking at the latest possible minute to not pass the red light, ending up a bit over the white demarcation line and almost hitting some woman in the process.

Next thing that happens, the driver jumps out of his bus, runs into a bakery on the corner that has a self-service coffee machine, fiddles with the thing, and runs back out with his coffee all before the light turns green again. And then drives off.

How many people would drive off with the bus ?


Kristien and I were planning to go snowboarding in La Masella yesterday, but the Friday forecast mentioned snow storms and -13 C, so we ended up not going. Just as well - the vaccinations Kristien got on Friday for her trip to China had left her with a slight flu and a very sore arm all weekend.

So instead we went out to Gracia at night. There was a Witches festival - though I didn't pay attention or notice anything - as well as a whole week of Island parties - people from Mallorca and Ibiza coming over to sing and celebrate. It was nice to feel a little bit like a local among locals and speak a lot of Spanish through the night. I wish I could have more practice.


Went to the chocolate museum today. Was a bit skeptical, being Belgian and all, but it was great. They had some amazing chocolate statues on display, and the smell was divine. And apparently the Aztecs used cacao beans as a form of currency. The service of a prostitute is worth 10 beans.. The same price for a live rabbit. Coincidence ?

After the museum, we'd gotten such a taste for chocolate that we went to a great desert specialty store called 'El Bubó' and treated ourselves to some yummy brownies and pastries. They also had a bar close by, where we ended with some steak chunks with violet (flower) oil and blood sausage potatoes. Divine. And we haven't gone through their whole menu yet...

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