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Cortado 0.2.0 “Broken Record” released

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I've got soul
but I'm not a soldier

A movie paints a thousand stills, so first of all ...

If you didn't see a hairy movie, there are two possibilities. Either your aggregator strips embed tags, in which case go here to see it. Otherwise, you are probably missing a Java plug-in for your browser.

this video was made from photos during Kristien's stay in China.
Thanks to Jan Schmidt for the idea and the hard work.

Cortado is an implementation of the GStreamer 0.10 design, but completely in Java. It has plug-ins for Ogg, Vorbis, Theora, Mulaw, JPEG, Multipart, HTTP and Audio and Video sinks. It can be used to play live streams and on-demand streams. On-demand streams can be seeked in (as you should be able to test in the applet above).

Cortado is completely free and an open project. We welcome other people trying it out and hacking on it. Several sites are already using it in production today. In short, if you want to producer or serve video, all the tools are available to do so in free formats.

For more information about this release, check out the release notes or go to the Cortado home page.

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