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net mapping code

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 6:48 pm

6:48 pm

I recently wrote some code that I am planning to use to figure out network topology inside Flumotion, based on the information about TCP connections between two hosts.

In short – every TCP connection has two endpoints, and each endpoint has two IP addresses – the local IP address, and the remote IP address. one endpoint’s local address is not necessarily the same as the other endpoint’s remote address – NAT will mangle one of the two.

The code I wrote exploits this to figure out where NAT hosts are, and which hosts are behind the same NAT box.

I’m sure there must be similar code out there somewhere – someone must have already thought about these problems, no ? My code is up at https://apestaart.org/thomas/trac/browser/tests/twisted/ten, feel free to take a look and give it a try.

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