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one more work day separates me from my long journey to the Prison Continent for FOMS and LCA. Together with an admittedly short stop in Bangkok, this will bring my total number of continents visited to 5.

(Dropping off Kristien at the airport tonight for some reason made me feel lonelier than usual. Maybe it’s the idea of being so very on the other side of the world the next two weeks ?)

I am not braving the wilderness alone, but taking my trusty local guide with me. I’ve been told he’s Australia’s answer to Krusty the Clown. And we’re also bringing our OLPC laptop, I’m sure there will be a bunch of them there so we can test the wireless.

If you want to meet up and discuss Fluendo/GStreamer/Flumotion/Fedora stuff, or hear me wax on about moap or savon, or pull me into a Twisted/GNOME/OLPC/multimedia hacking sprint, drop me a mail or File a meeting ticket!

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