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I haven't even written anything yet to wrap up my LCA experience, I still have Sydney beach sand in my shoes, and still not recovered from my Eastern jetlag - and here I am in Boston, MA for FUDCON 2007. Thanks to Greg for having me over and taking care of the logistics! I'm sure the jolt from Eastern jetlag to Western jetlag will catch up with me soon enough.

The hotel is swank - the only downside is that there is no free Internet. In this day and age, I think it should come for free in a hotel. I was looking forward to use my Nokia 800 to get all my travel info and get around, but ...

On the upside, I met up with my old primary school and scouts buddy Ward, who lives here in Boston and works part-time for the FSF. He took me out to a nice Vietnamese place, and afterwards his wife April joined up with us and we went to a few bars, and then to the completely free (as in beer) ice skating rink at Harvard. Even skates are provided in one of the three bins.

There's a lot of new faces I have to get acquainted with. There are a few GNOMEy people that I know, and Owen Taylor and Bryan Clark just walked in (and are going to do a Mugshot talk (congrats to them for being number one "mugshot" Google hit by the way!). When I originally tried Mugshot, it asked me to restart my desktop session - which I of course refused. By the time I actually rebooted my machine, the mugshot client was complaining that it was out of date and needed an upgrade. And, of course, a subsequent desktop restart. Which I refused. So I never got to understand what the fuss was about.

Looks like it's time to give it another try - Bryan explained some interesting use cases that may actually make sense for what I want to get out of my online experience.

But it'd better not ask me to restart my desktop session!

More later...

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