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5:00 pm

Coincidental geek poetry

FUDCON claimed its first hospital victim last night. Luckily I left the bar before it got to that point, going back to the hotel at 22.00

I guess I should have gone for a different jet lag strategy, only being here for three days – go to bed early and wake up early and stay in the European rhythm.

However, I wanted to finish the bash completion autogeneration I was working for last night for my Python Command class, which I use in
moap and savon. Doing that helps a lot in discovering the commands as you go.

So I ended up staying up until midnight working on that, and woke up this morning around 6.30 and continued working on it. I’ve got a reasonably good first stab at it implemented. It handles commands, boolean arguments, and arguments that take values, though it doesn’t yet know when it should complete with files. So, time for another moap release soon…

Am at the hackfest now, watching David Zeuthen explain his new Fedora LiveCD tools. Looks pretty good, I’m hoping to make a GStreamer and Fluendo live CD using these tools.

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