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Today I broke the mold with Zaheer and Christian. We jumped into a taxi to go have lunch and after some indecision settled on Mamita Linda over Ciudad Condal. Lunch was excellent and we were back relatively quickly compared to, say, the Italian place.

As a service to my co-workers, I provide lunch graphs:
Lunch statistics

Gambito manages to be utter crap for various reasons. First of all, it combines the idea of the traditional Spanish two-dish-plus-dessert lunch with the choose-what-you-want mess approach. In practice this works out terribly. You queue up with your platter and plate and cutlery, and wait for someone to come and give you your choice out of three first plates. That someone continues serving people behind you. You wait for them to finish serving those people, then they move on to the place where you get to choose your second plate. You keep sliding and moving, picking deserts and drinks. Then you wait for the person serving you to be done serving everyone else so he or she can move to the cash register and let you pay.

By this point both of your plates have already cooled down considerably. Now if you are smart you chose a cold first plate, so you can finish a lukewarm second plate before digging into the already-cold-anyway first plate. I hope you see why this unhappy marriage of lunch styles is doomed.

Sadly these graphs show that more often than not the good places can be a big time sink.

I look forward to a reinstated bike lunch to be able to get a wider sampling.

As a side note – can anyone tell me if it really is impossible to just export an OpenOffice chart to an image ? I find it amusing that I can only find answers to this question on Google that say “No – take a screenshot and edit”.

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