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12:49 am

Pete, I’m happy to see we are getting constructive results.  It is much better than a blogflamewar :)

Some additional notes:

  • You mention that I miss the point in that the DVD is not encrypted.  I’m not sure what point I miss; I’m guessing you think that the fact that the DVD is not encrypted should make the patent stuff a non-issue.  This is not the case – MPEG audio and video are still patented codecs, so a Free Software distributor still cannot ship (IMO, and I am not a lawyer) totem + mpeg2dec + mad.  Also, as far as I know, the DVD state machine needed to follow menus is in fact patented too.
  • I’m not “shifting responsibility on Bastien” – it’s more the case that Bastien’s choice as a Totem developer is to never show the user any debug information in the GUI.  I personally disagree with that choice, but he is the developer of Totem, and as such gets to choose.
  • Just to be clear, I do not doubt that you have real issues with GStreamer.  I just think there’s a difference between “My DVD’s don’t play” and “the framework is broken”.  Pretty much everyone who’s offered opinions agrees that 0.10 is a huge step up from the 0.8 series, and it is getting harder to find people that still think GStreamer is outright broken or sucks.  You are one of those people, and as such a valuable source of information on what things we still need to fix to be good enough for everyone.  I’m happy to see that you are filing bugs on specific issues now, and I hope I can get the right people to look at your bugs (since I am not a DVD hacker at all).

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