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First new trunk feature in moap

Filed under: Hacking,moap — Thomas @ 14:20


Just added this bit to moap

[moap-trunk] [thomas@otto trunk]$ moap bug -U http://bugzilla.gnome.org/ query "product=GStreamer&component=gst-plugins-base&target_milestone=0.10.2"

324216: [cdparanoia] missing patches from 0.8

324696: [videotestsrc] does not start counting the time from zero when restarted324900: Problem compiling gst-plugins-base with Forte

325984: [playbin] cannot handle sources that produce raw audio/video

325990: patch videotestsrc for using glib types

326601: GstRingBuffer crashes with alaw/mulaw caps

327114: [theoradec] should post tags on the bus

327216: vorbisdec segfaults on certain queries

328423: [gnomevfs] doesn't handle case when gnomevfs can't init

326881: [playbin] stream selector connects to 'state-changed'

Compared to this screenscraping horror, a lot less code and a lot more robust.

I decided to use queries with CSV since both Redhat's and GNOME's bugzilla seem to support it.

AFAICT, GNOME's supports ATOM but not RSS, and Redhat's supports RSS but not ATOM. Yay for the magic that is Bugzilla !


  1. Should I feel offended?
    CSV export in bugzilla is quite nice although.

    Comment by Johan — 2007-05-21 @ 22:25

  2. Actually, according to http://webcvs.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/www/bin/bugzilla?view=log You’re the one to blame.
    I just fixed the code, I didn’t write it.
    It must be my lucky day today

    Comment by Johan — 2007-05-21 @ 22:27

  3. You swedes are so touchy. I never blamed you ! I can find my own code horrific, can’t I ?

    If it was your code I would have beaten you up for it.

    Yes, the CSV is just what I need. Especially since apparently python has a built-in CSV module, and it’s easy to use list splicing to merge it into a list of dicts. python == love.

    Comment by Thomas — 2007-05-21 @ 22:36

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