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Buffy season 4

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 23:06


Pure comedy gold when Spike tries to bite Willow but fails, and a blindingly obvious sexually laden conversation follows, driven to its natural climax.  Someone said season 4 is the worst of them all, but even if that would be true, it's still heaps of goodful.


  1. Agreed, that scene is my absolute favorite in the entirety of Buffy so far – but I’m on season 7 so any better scenes will need to show up soon ;)

    Comment by Stuart Ballard — 2007-06-24 @ 23:36

  2. that scene alone is worth the pain of the season arc and its ridiculous “big bad”.

    Comment by Emmanuele — 2007-06-24 @ 23:42

  3. Well, I think Season 4 has one of the weakest big-bad arcs, but many of the strongest individual episodes. And it’s where Spike really comes into his own.

    Comment by Ian McKellar — 2007-06-25 @ 00:11

  4. I totally agree. People say that the 4th season is the worst but it’s actually quite strong – some of the most important events of the series occur in 4 and some really hilarious moments…. samfw

    Comment by samfw — 2007-06-25 @ 00:42

  5. I really like that season, especially the Oz-Willow episodes, pour Oz :-(… and i totally hate Riley he’s the worst character ever from season 4

    Comment by pedro — 2007-06-25 @ 01:06

  6. Haa. Buffy.
    My favorite episode is buffy Episode 107 “Once More With Feeling” from season 6. The “musical” episode.

    Comment by Serge van Ginderachter — 2007-06-25 @ 07:47

  7. I think one of the best Spike scenes is in Season 7 with crazy Spike in the basement, something like: “Someone isn’t here…button, button who’s got the button? … My money is on… *the witch*”.
    Although the episode where he is tied to a chair, and being pierced with several wooden arrows is also great “Hey, mind the heart will you ? “

    Comment by Paul Cobbaut — 2007-06-25 @ 17:30

  8. Season 6 is the worst. Season 4, while not the best, is still very good. Many great individual moments, like the one you mentioned. Spike is great in season 4 (well, Spike is always great) and Anya is also brilliant with her bluntness. But by far the best are Willow+Tara moments, Tara’s love confession in episode 16 and the entire 19. episode. Then there’s the only Buffy episode that got an emmy nomination – Hush (episode 10); brilliant episode, lots of scenes that make you ROTFL literally.

    @pedro: Yeah, Riley is an idiot

    Comment by Gusar — 2007-06-26 @ 15:37

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