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Laser keyboards

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 11:11


Has anyone tried one of this nifty Bluetooth laser keyboards on Linux ? I'm assuming they would be using the standard HID stuff in Bluetooth, so there shouldn't be a problem, but it'd be nice if someone who tried it could confirm or deny before I shell out for it.

If it did work, my N800 + keyboard would be awesome to take with me to, say, a cinema, and be able to fix platform issues away from home.


  1. My flatmate has one and it works with Linux as a standard HID thing.

    There is a windows configuration utility for it that sets some things, I don’t know whether there’s a Linux equivalent.

    Comment by Rob Spanton — 2007-06-30 @ 12:05

  2. I have a Celluon CL800BT. It’s Bluetooth Serial Port Profile :(
    There is a SPP keyboad daemon on http://fanoush.wz.cz/maemo/#initfs. But I’ve not testet it yet.

    Comment by Christoph — 2007-06-30 @ 12:55

  3. Works out of the box on the N800: you’ll note that it’s specifically listed as a model you can choose in the keyboard configuration.

    Comment by daniels — 2007-06-30 @ 16:32

  4. Also works great with the N770. You need the bluetooth plugin for HID though. It’s on maemo.org in the applications downloads. From the reviews it sounds like touch typist have issues with it, but for those of us that lift our fingers when we type (like me) it works like a champ.

    Comment by Matt — 2007-07-01 @ 01:32

  5. I have a laser keyboard and N800, but I haven’t found many situations I can use it. I’m a touch typist and the lack of feeling the keys is horrible to me. That’s one reason I won’t be rushing out to buy an iPhone quite yet. Finding a surface to project the keyboard upon is also an issue. I’m in search of a collapsing Bluetooth keyboard for use with my N800, but I can only find them on mail order and I want to feel the keyboard first.

    Comment by Jadon — 2007-07-02 @ 07:34

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