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Freedesktop problems

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 18:15


Yay for Sundays. GStreamer hackers told me something was wrong with CVS - commits were going in as uid(somenumber) instead of the actual account name for the last two weeks. Also, spewage from post commit hooks indicated the same problem.

With the help of Jan, I figured out what the problem was. CVS runs inside a chroot, the chroot was still on Debian sarge while someone upgraded the hot machine to Etch. The passwd.db file got copied from host to chroot and presumably the sarge libs can't read the etch version of that file. But it took a few hours to figure out that this was the problem. Anyway, should be fixed now.  The uid's in the commits already made will be fixed in the future after we migrate to Subversion - I'm actually (for work) adding a feature to moap that allows you to rename authors for past revisions.

I also deleted some 33000 files from its /tmp directory left over from cvs commit rules...

It makes me think that sitewranglers, as a group, is not very effective. I wonder who did the upgrade to etch in the first place ?

Dobey also asked me to take a look at why Tango 's website didn't work - MySQL had the user allowed only from the full hostname and not localhost. Fixed now too.

I'm guessing SVN will have the same problem - can anyone let me know which projects use svn and wants to take a look at it with me so I can fix it ?

Since my Thinkpad is still in limbo, and Jan has come over today to do some hacking, I am doing today's hacking from a Mac PowerBook G3 running Ubuntu Warthy. Apparently Warthy does not even exist anymore on Ubuntu's servers, so upgrading it was out of the question. Jan helped me set up XDMCP on my desktop in the office room, and now I'm using this paperweight machine to work remotely on my desktop. Works pretty well.

But how anyone would ever have wanted to actually buy a machine like this is beyond my comprehension. I don' t even have a Delete button ! I can' t delete mails in Evolution ! Well, I could go right-click and select Delete ... oh no wait a minute, this is a Macintosh broken-by-design machine with ONLY ONE MOUSE BUTTON. Sigh.


  1. Warty packages are still available (though hard to come across!) http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ though I haven’t tried going through from Warty to Feisty, who knows what cruft you might pick up on the way

    Comment by Adam Collard — 2007-08-26 @ 18:43

  2. Use Ctrl-Click or Cmd-Click to simulate right click for broken applications (such as Evolution) that don’t come with an easy and accessible way to perform a function.

    Comment by Name — 2007-08-26 @ 19:07

  3. Well, I could go right-click and select Delete … oh no wait a minute, this is a Macintosh broken-by-design machine with ONLY ONE MOUSE BUTTON. Sigh.

    ctrl-click is mapped to right click under OS X; should be easy to make Warthy do the same thing…

    Comment by ward — 2007-08-26 @ 19:11

  4. Thanks for the fix, dudie! Greatly appreciated.

    Comment by Jakub Steiner — 2007-08-26 @ 21:14

  5. Sometimes I think everebody but me is a Mac fanboy these days. HAppy to read I’m not the only non-fan. It’s not that I hate Mac, I just hate all those people who think everything that Apple makes is perfect. It’s not.

    Comment by fons — 2007-08-26 @ 21:39

  6. Under Linux on Mac laptops, Fn+Backspace=Delete. HTH, HAND.

    Comment by Wouter Verhelst — 2007-08-27 @ 10:59

  7. I have problems with freedesktop too, this is the message I received after try update my ssh key:


    Comment by Renato Araujo Oliveira Filho — 2007-08-27 @ 13:21

  8. Isn’t delete mapped to Fn+Backspace on Apple laptops?

    Comment by Robin — 2007-08-27 @ 15:46

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