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Filed under: General — Thomas @ 21:54


Here's my first entry for the GNOME cookbook.

(note, this is a serious entry, even though its awesome simplicity may make you believe otherwise)

 Nuke'm cheese toast

Ingredients: toastable bread, cheese slices

1. Toast a slice of bread, preferably white.

Try to avoid bread that comes out of plastic bags.

2. While the bread is toasting, trim the edge off the cheese slices. A good cheese to use is Gouda.

3. Put toasted bread on a plate and put cheese slice on top.

4. Microwave at 700W for 30 seconds. Assert that cheese has started making tiny bubbles and is melting slightly through the bread.

5. Ignore the smell and enjoy the taste.

I used to make this all the time when I wanted a quick snack to keep up the hacking when I was living in Belgium. I stopped doing it here in Spain because it's hard to find decent bread. I made one again at Kristien's place in Brussels last month after three years without having one, and it was so incredibly awesome I had six on the spot.

I will come up with a more elaborate recipe I like but I have some trouble picking one.

Incidentally, I think it would be better to have a longer collection period for recipes - apparently it's being closed off in two weeks ? There aren't enough hackers who have contributed yet, Don't let this be a Federico-cooks-with-a-very-small-bit-of-help-from-friends book (even though every time he writes about cooking he makes my mouth water :))

Happy Cooking


  1. Don’t complain about the bread in Spain, or I will force you to spend a week in the US so you can see how bad it gets. I remember the week I spent in spain, and the great bread was a good part of what I remember. I can’t find anything like it. (I can make great bread myself if I want to spend a few days, but it isn’t the same as what I had in Spain. If I don’t make the bread myself I can’t get anything good).

    I’ve never been to Belgium so I can’t comment on what the bread is like there.

    Comment by Henry Miller — 2007-08-28 @ 22:44

  2. The only reason we can’t have a longer submission time is that we need to get something out by Software Freedom day and so it is roughly within the timeline of GNOME’s 10th. We will continue to put out new editions as more recipes are gathered.

    Comment by John (J5) Palmieri — 2007-08-29 @ 00:19

  3. @Henry: I’ve been to the US, so I know about the crappy state of bread there. Spain is only marginally better. I’d take a week of US bread over four years of Spanish bread. You can get decent bread in Spain, but mostly only if you stick to baguettes. When I’m in the US, I breakfast only on bagels and cream cheese anyway, so yummy.

    But yes, a simple loaf of bread made by a real baker in Belgium has yet to be bested. And that’s usually just any baker – you can go to one of the “special” breakfasty ones and feast on the whole deal.

    Comment by Thomas — 2007-08-29 @ 08:11

  4. I like to put ‘paprika poeder’ on top of the cheese.
    And when you grill them in the oven instead of in the microwave, some chopped onion on top is delicious too.

    Comment by Floris — 2007-08-29 @ 08:14

  5. Thomas, you should also investigate on breads from other parts of Spain. There are really a huge amount of different breads but not all of them are easy to find everywhere and you’d have to look for them in specialized shops. As a start, I can recommend you ‘brona’ or ‘borona’ and ‘pan de Cea’ from Galicia.

    Comment by pachi — 2007-08-29 @ 11:13

  6. A very american recipe.

    Comment by Eitan — 2007-09-15 @ 06:51

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