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Today's xkcd is both funny-on-a-thaytan-scale and incredibly intriguing. God, I'd love to try this and see if it works for me.

Somehow it has a better appeal than that technique I read about where you only sleep 5 intervals of 15 minutes during a full day, but at very specific times, and non-flexible - if you skip it you're exhausted. A little too invasive to say "I need to sleep 15 minutes now, I'll get back to fixing this server on fire after that".


  1. I’ve worked on both 36 and 48 hour cycles before, and 36 is more or less fine, but 48 is completely exhausting.

    Comment by daniels — 2007-09-24 @ 14:05

  2. Your body is basically designed to stop you doing this. Read the alt text on that comic :-)

    Natural circadian rhythm (hormone fluctuations etc) is 25-26 hours, but we have lots of environmental cues to keep us on 24-hour cycles.

    Comment by David Adam — 2007-09-24 @ 14:13

  3. I do this very often, only 25-26 hours instead of 28 (see comment #2 above). It’s not like I want to though. It’s just that as a grad student working from home it’s hard to stay in sync with the Sun. I’m not very productive when it happens. And then there’s the occasional spanner in the works — I just got up after only 3 hours of sleep for a doctor’s appointment. I popped a caffeine pill and I’m waiting for it to kick in; I keep a bottle handy just for situations like this. Finally, it’s doubly troublesome when I’m weight training: I simply can’t physically move a muscle if I try to get up without 8 hours of sleep. I’ve missed countless appointments this way.

    Comment by randomwalker — 2007-09-24 @ 15:29

  4. A single 30-minute nap at dusk can make me feel disoriented for the rest of the day – it’s something about going to sleep when it’s light out and waking up when it’s darker. I have a feeling I would start forgetting which day it is :)

    Comment by Travis Reitter — 2007-09-24 @ 16:31

  5. Yeah, I love xkcd too :)

    I’m nearly certain that you’re talking about polyphasic sleep:


    Comment by Joe Smith — 2007-10-07 @ 08:47

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