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Dell support strategy

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 10:32 pm

10:32 pm

If you have next business day support, Dell’s support strategy is to delay you as much as possible, asking you to perform unrelated diagnostics checks, until it’s past 17.00. From that point on, they accept the possibility of a hardware failure, and let you know that Next Business Day only applies if the ticket has been confirmed before 17.00 (which you need the diagnostics output for). After 17.00, it’s the day-after-tomorrow.

Apparently this is standard. I should have known.

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  1. The delay thing isn’t Dell specific. That’s the Corporate world. Their main goal is to show fast response time by giving you bullshit answers and hoping that you will eventually give up so they can close your trouble ticket.

    Comment by Patrick — 2007-9-25 @ 3:37 am

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