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Don’t dream it’s over

Filed under: Life — Thomas @ 23:39


Last week I had a dream that finally confirmed a long-standing suspicion of mine - the dream me and the real me have completely different goals and behaviours.

Case in point. I was dreaming I was in bed. Kristien was with me, naked. With us as well, sharing the bed, was Jennifer Lopez - the young version, also naked. (When I say "young Jennifer Lopez", think Jennifer in "Money Train" saying "me gusta bailar con tijo"). Kristien and Jennifer were comparing breast firmness and various other attributes.

So far, so good, right ?

Then I realize the blinds are open and some guy is staring through the window. What a pervert! So I close the blinds.

I then realize there are other ways to get into the house, so I start closing more blinds, shutting windows. I leave the room, and I'm in the middle of a huge factory. Apparently my swanky love nest is in a really big building. I start closing doors left and right, walking through the building. I trip some sprinklers, trip, slide through the factory, get back up, and keep going. I close garage doors, windows, doors, everything.

I keep going, until I go through a door that takes me into my grandmother's house. She's not there, but the cleaning lady gives me the keys to lock the rest of the doors. By that time I've spent half an hour closing doors left and right and making sure no one can peek in or get in.

Now, consider how the story started.

The real me wouldn't have focused so much on closing doors all over the place.

Is it too much to ask that, when given an opportunity in the dream world that would never in a million years happen in the real world, my dream alter ego would act like me and seize the moment ?


  1. My dream me obsesses with strategy games and being a doctor/mobster/US Senator.

    Thing is, dreams _always_ start well. Your brain demands a good start to a story just as much as the average six-year-old does. Killing orcs while driving around a volcano on a motorcycle endlessly just sort of creeps in there at some point.

    – Chris

    Comment by Chris Cunningham — 2007-11-27 @ 00:09

  2. I have have such dreams quite often, well not with your girlfriend and Jennifer lopez. But with unreachable goals, looping motions, like untieing knots out of a rope, just to find a new one.
    I believe they are quite common.

    But i would attest that in such a situation, having a lucid dream would be much appreciated.

    Comment by stratos — 2007-11-27 @ 00:09

  3. Mi gusta Thomas Vander Sti.. Stitch… Oh, olvidarlo!

    Comment by Jenni From The Block — 2007-11-27 @ 00:15

  4. ROFL (or at least lying in bed with a big smile on my face).

    Comment by Simon Holm Thøgersen — 2007-11-27 @ 00:21

  5. Clearly you need to work on lucid dreaming. :)

    Comment by Anonymous — 2007-11-27 @ 00:28

  6. My dream is to lock Thomas Vander Stichele in a big building and close all the blinds so he can balance some long due accounts. Now I know how to achieve that dream. Who has J-Lo’s number?

    Comment by Fons — 2007-11-27 @ 10:50

  7. Look at the bright side. Had you went through with your inhibitions you would have had a mess to clean up the next morning. *gross* ;)

    Comment by Maxo — 2007-11-28 @ 15:14

  8. Waart gij ook naakt? Zo ja, wat vond de kuisvrouw daarvan? En dan dikke chance dat uw bomma niet thuis was!

    Comment by JR — 2007-11-29 @ 10:03

  9. The guy at the window was probably one of Prince’s lawyers just making sure that you weren’t playing any of his client’s music.

    Comment by Paul Boddie — 2007-12-01 @ 20:43

  10. Just for the record, it’s “me gusta bailar contigo” :) both contigo and conmigo go together, no space in between :)

    Comment by Alberto Ruiz — 2007-12-06 @ 14:59

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