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Just as I was about to consume one of my favourite home-made Belgian delicacies on the net …

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... I get greeted with this message:

We don't reccomend using Ubuntu Server for servers as it seems to have crashed due to load. Unfortunately our current host is unable to provide installation of any other OS - as well, they are currently not able to restart our server.

Well damn.


  1. Where did you read that? I’ve just ordered a Xen-hosted Ubuntu virtual server at my provider, because I liked the system on my desktop. Not being able to restart a server sounds more like a bad provider to me…?

    Comment by Sander — 2008-01-31 @ 12:07

  2. <sarcasm>
    Hmm, well, clearly Ubuntu Server is entirely useless. Nobody ever uses that software! I certainly don’t have well over 100 machines with Ubuntu Server running because they crash all the time. And I am absolutely unable to restart any of them ever, because that feature does not exist on Ubuntu Server.

    It’s so easy to blame something else for a – shall we say – less than optimal level of knowledge/experience.

    If you’re unable to keep Ubuntu Server up under load you’re doing something wrong, and maybe you should leave your server administration to someone else. Feel free to send me an e-mail ;)

    Comment by ward — 2008-01-31 @ 15:39

  3. Hehe, how professional. :-)

    Comment by sebas — 2008-01-31 @ 16:19

  4. You should just tell them:
    man rlimit

    Comment by Jeff Schroeder — 2008-01-31 @ 19:56

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