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Hell: lying awake at night in fever dreams, 38.5C fever, the night before you have a two day "strategic business session" where we discuss our future plans.

Heaven: having an absurdly luxurious hotel suite for the task, lying in a nice hot bath tub, warming my chilly shivering bones, with a view on the valley on the left side and watching Firefly on the laptop.

In unrelated news, this weekend I'm obviously going to FOSDEM, doing a test run of our new apartment which is close-to-ready (all the floors are covered !), and my co-founder Julien is staying over with his family. I hope they enjoy the camping experience :)

We're not the only ones from the Fluendo family there - Loic is doing a Pigment talk in our favourite GNOME room, and right after that Alessandro will be giving an Elisa talk - make sure to come by and heckle him about DVB support! :)

I was under the impression that our sunny defector Jan Schmidt was giving a talk as well that I wanted to link to, but apparently teuf forgot or something and now Jan doesn't feel honourbound to still give his talk. I'll ask for a private audition instead then, and you should do so too, and take the opportunity to congratulate him on some excellent GStreamer releases!

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