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I'll be in Austin this week at the Linux Collaboration Summit. I'll be going to represent Fluendo in its various forms, from the codecs over codeina to Elisa and Flumotion. If you're there and feel like collaborating, or just want to grill me on multimedia, drop me a line!

In related news, since the dollar is so "good" right now, I'm considering finally buying an audio player. My requirements are:

  • works with linux
  • plays flac and vorbis
  • has *at minimum* a 60 GB hard drive
  • is available in some store for direct purchase

Feel free to suggest players that work; the best I've found up to now is a Cowon iAudio 5 w. 60 GB. I thought iRiver was a good brand to get too, but I can't find anything above 40 GB

Up to now I've been using my N800 as a music player, but to be honest, the media player on it is just terrible. Even with the new 2008 OS it still has serious usability problems and I pretty much only use for playing complete albums because of them.

(I know there are alternatives, but none of them are terribly good either. And I just can't be bothered to write my own :))


  1. I wanted to recommend the Neuros Audio, but that seems to be mysteriously disappeared :) I myself have an iRiver Clix2, which i absolutely love, but those have a maximum capacity of 8GB so i’m afraid I can’t be of any more help.. :) I decided to post this reply because your name is mentioned quite often when i visit my doctor hehe :) What a small world eh ;)

    Comment by Bart Verwilst — 2008-04-06 @ 23:05

  2. iPod..

    Comment by Someone — 2008-04-06 @ 23:09

  3. I bought an iAudio 7 a month ago, and I don’t regret it a second. All the music I stored on the player is FLAC encoded to not lose any quality, and when playing it with good headphones (I’m using Sony MDR headphones), I’d say that little thing delivers the best sound I’ve ever heard from any portable player. It has similar quality to the music coming out of my old Audigy 2 (which has a really good DAC for a consumer sound card).

    I’m only using Linux, and I haven’t got any problem with it from now on.

    It took me about a week to get used to it’s interface (their swing scroll or whatever they call it is really weird), but now I don’t find it hard to use it anymore.

    I recommend it a to all audiophiles, it’s sound is _really_ good (well that’s my opinion at least).

    Comment by patg — 2008-04-07 @ 01:36

  4. Give Canola2 a spin, works quite well here.. can make you a demo if you want

    Comment by philn — 2008-04-07 @ 08:00

  5. My Cowon iAudio7 has great support for Ogg Vorbis and FLAC, but its UI is voodoo and the touch buttons are hateful. You have to give it your full concentration and a totally steady hand to just play the album you want. Anything could happen if you tremble.

    Comment by Murray Cumming — 2008-04-07 @ 10:49

  6. You could use a 5th of 5.5 generation iPod and run Rockbox or iPodLinux on it. They should be rather cheap now, although I do not know if they are sold in stores anymore.

    Comment by Hendrik Kaju — 2008-04-08 @ 10:11

  7. Just pick anything that runs RockBox and you will be satisfied.

    BTW, what’s the use for a 40GB+ audio player? Consindering 160kbps Ogg as a reasonable sound quality for a portable player 40GB is just over 23 *days* of music… Just wondering.

    Comment by Marcin Trybus — 2008-04-09 @ 12:40

  8. Agreed with Marcin, anything that runs Rockbox would be good. So maybe an iPod or an iAudio?

    Comment by Andrew Conkling — 2008-04-11 @ 14:00

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