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I'm in your lone star state
eatin' your lone star waffles
and they ain't very sunday-go-to-meetin'

Quick runthrough for the folks back home

  • The hotel has us making our own waffles. Take a cup, fill it with dough, pour it in iron, close iron, turn iron and timer starts. 2 minutes later, a fresh waffle. Too bad it tastes like nothing more than bread.
  • first night was a food and drinks party at a bar with a shark tank in the floor. Open bars really are the grease of a conference. J5 taught us the necessary tipping etiquette to improve our cocktail quality, and Wim and I spent the rest of the night practising it and asking the waitress to make up cocktails for us.
  • I took a visit of the RANGER supercomputer which is right here in the uni - around 16000 blade servers working together. After that, I had a real American burger with whurley (who followed through on his plan to take down his blog, because his site is down atm). In the process I got my hands eaten:
  • I did not pay for any food five days straight. Plane food on monday and friday, hotel breakfast, conference lunch, and corporate dinners. OTOH, I missed out on a real Texan BBQ because free is more attractive.
  • Fry's is huge. I found a wireless card that happens to work under Linux and supports airodump-ng. I also brought home a Bluray disc (to try on my new TV about to arrive next week), a nerf gun and a Gigabit switch (which seems hard to find in stores in Belgium these days, because everyone wants wireless). Note to jrb: the theme was, in fact, "music" - I just didn't notice.
  • Good to see a bunch of usual suspects again, including fcrozat, blizzard, jrb, behdad, yippi, lewing, Keith (I don't think the man has an irc nick), mjg59, davej, and of course Uraeus (apparently the only person I know with a capitalised nick) and wtay

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