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MOAP 0.2.6 is out

Filed under: Hacking,moap — Thomas @ 16:43


A new release was long overdue. Over 20 bugs fixed. Sorry to all the maintainers who had to maintain their project without this!

I am looking for packagers for various distros. I have people for Debian/Ubuntu and am going to submit for Fedora myself in a bit. But all other packagers are welcome, both to package moap and to try it out

If you're interested, here are the release notes:

This is MOAP 0.2.6, "Nerd Night".

Coverage in 0.2.6: 1288 / 1742 (73 %), 103 python tests, 2 bash tests

Features added since 0.2.5:
- Added support for git-svn.
- Fix brz diff.
- Added moap changelog find to search through a ChangeLog.
- Added man page.
- Added moap tracadmin to administrate trac installations.
- Added changed properties/added/deleted files when preparing ChangeLog entries.
- Added checking of unchanged ChangeLog entry template.

Bugs fixed since 0.2.5:
- 263: broken changelog unit test
- 267: a man page
- 270: cl find completely busted
- 275: cl prepare --ctags failure with exuberant ctags 5.7
- 257: ImportError: No module named moap.util
- 258: git-svn support
- 259: bzr diff patch
- 266: svn:ignore property not well parsed
- 273: DEP: RDF, Fedora release 7 (Moonshine)
- 277: "changelog prepare" doesn't list changed functions in C++ files.
- 281: changelog prepare -c crashes with "not a ctags line"
- 282: make install fails
- 284: not full change detected on svn move file
- 286: [svn] propedit on externals is not recognized as a change
- 239: warn if ChangeLog has not been saved
- 260: Add changelog grep command
- 261: Option to make 'changelog diff' include differences in ChangeLog file
- 262: changelog find: fix for multiple search terms
- 264: Make changelog find case insensitive by default
- 265: git diff should show staged changes
- 271: trailing spaces in date/name/address line for entry break parsing

Contributors to this release:
- Arek Korbik
- Marc-Andre Lureau
- Thomas Vander Stichele
- Tim Philipp-Müller

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