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Once in a while I add a new comic of sorts to my BlogLines. It has the huge (dis)advantage of having a big backlog of fun stuff to read through - case in point, a letter to Apple. I'm lucky my lack of drunkenness in general has saved me from being able to relate to this particular post.

Update: or this. Joey Cameau is going to be my new hero.

Update 2: or this one, a more effective anti-RIAA post than anything I've ever seen. 3 in a row - I have to stop reading.


  1. Man, ASW is the bestest. This is one of my favs:


    Also, some parody for your pleasure:


    Comment by Christopher Blizzard — 2008-06-16 @ 22:55

  2. I hate that the site is unusable and lacks RSS.

    I also hate that I will loose hours on this site today. That shit is funny and so well written!

    Comment by fons — 2008-06-17 @ 09:04

  3. Heh. At least in Australia, Virgin Mobile used to offer a service where you SMS any number to a particular number, and it blocks you from calling them until 8am or so. So send your ex’s number to this address before a big night out and voila, no problems.

    I’m yet to see anyone begging for someone else’s phone to call/message their ex during a rather long night, but I also don’t know anyone using Virgin Mobile, so that’s probably not a good start for measuring these things.

    Comment by daniels — 2008-06-17 @ 17:40

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