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Apparently my new life involves a love triangle.

Great, the voices are back.

I have no words to describe how awesome Dexter is. Procured it on the intarweb after being tipped by a Barcelonan friend, and captivated ever since. Luckily my snapping up the show coincided more or less with my purchase of a big 40 inch LCD TV (which I can now finally put to use given that we have an apartment with a couch-to-wall distance of more than a few meters), and this show was made for it. It just looks gorgeous.

I used to watch some TV on the many plane flights of my work commute - mostly sticking to finishing all five seasons of Angel, interspersed with my DVD Buffy watching - but this show I specifically wait for to be home and able to watch it on the big screen. It's just that good.

The story's an interesting twist on the serial killer theme, and it's thoroughly entertaining to be trapped in the mind of this drywitted psychopath. Every single actor in this show is excellent (And it's fun to see Julie Benz in a non-vampire role, although she's considerably more sexy as Darla than in this series). The storylines are well above par, and the writers do an amazing job at pulling off forcing you to like this character.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - ever since The Sopranos showed how good TV can be, we've been getting some excellent TV shows (no, I'm not counting Lost among those) that are showing that TV can be just as good a medium as movies.

Though Dexter really is among the best of that crop. I can't wait for my next lunch break...

So, obviously this series is not on in Spain or Belgium. I'm not sure it ever will be, given its content. So, in a world gone entirely digital, do I have any legal way of watching this excellent show, or do their creators prefer that I miss it entirely instead ? Surely they want to reach their audience wherever it is... This is the kind of stuff I would gladly pay for.


  1. Is it on http://www.hulu.com ?

    Comment by fons — 2008-06-26 @ 14:05

  2. In Spain you can watch it on Cuatro. As for the series, I totally agree, it’s nothing short of amazing (specially the second season).

    Comment by Martí — 2008-06-26 @ 14:18

  3. Have you seen previous Michael C. Hall series “6 feet under”? Just as great as Dexter.

    Comment by Peibol — 2008-06-26 @ 14:57

  4. In Spain it’s been on in Fox (Digital+ and other cable TV providers) and is now in Cuatro I think.

    I only watched the 1st chapter months ago in Fox, and IIRC I liked it, although it wasn’t too exceptional, and since I’m very bad in watching series (I usually forget when they’re on and miss chapters) I din’t follow up. But I’ll have to believe you it’s very good, so will try watching it again (and try to not miss any chapter) :-)

    Comment by Rodrigo Moya — 2008-06-26 @ 15:02

  5. I don’t know if it’s displayed in Belgium, but it is displayed on Canal+ in France. So, if you can get Canal+ in Belgium (whichever way), you can watch it (it’s not free though).

    Comment by julo — 2008-06-26 @ 15:25

  6. @Peibol: yes, 6 feet under is one of the really good series I’m counting in the list. The list also includes Veronica Mars, Desperate Housewives (at least the first season), carnivale, BSG, and probably would include deadwood from what I’ve heard. And I’m sure I missed some that I can’t remember right now.

    Comment by Thomas — 2008-06-26 @ 15:37

  7. It’s on in Belgium – thursday evenings on RTL, double bill. Shame it’s in french though. While I’d prefer the original undubbed version, I’m still glad it’s on because I like its wicked sense of humour.

    Comment by nona — 2008-06-26 @ 16:29

  8. Best American TV show around, by an embarrassingly large distance, is The Wire (HBO). Dunno if anyone shows it in Spain, but there are DVD box sets of the first four seasons available on most Amazon sites, I think. You really, really should watch it.

    Comment by Adam Williamson — 2008-06-26 @ 18:52

  9. You sould also add Weeds and Californication to your list, well… pretty much every HBO series ;-)

    Comment by Peibol — 2008-06-26 @ 19:04

  10. Yea Dexter rules!!!!!!! Six Feet Under is also one of the best imo.

    Comment by Matthew — 2008-06-26 @ 22:42

  11. Agree, and season 2 of Dexter (which we’ve just started watching) looks good too.

    Comment by Paul Cooper — 2008-06-27 @ 09:43

  12. Dexter’s season 2 is as good as the 1st one.

    Comment by Peibol — 2008-06-29 @ 18:39

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