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Arrived last night, IBC starts on Friday and I'm setting the booth up with Pedro today.

Every time I have a hotel reservation for work for some reason the hotel always thinks the room's not paid for yet and ask me for payment. It's a curse.

On the plane I had a craving to go to the cinema later tonight, and as fate would have it the hotel is right across the street from a cinema. So the choice between a movie and a visit to the Red Light District was easy - I went to see Wanted. Mindless action fun, nicely shot, and ultimately forgettable.

Today, waiting for our cases of stuff to arrive. I'm sure they'll show up around 17.00, an hour before the IBC convention center closes.

In a cruel twist of fate, we have the sewer pipe of Akamai's booth that ends up in our booth and goes in a hole in the floor, so we have one floor tile sticking out. That's where we were planning to put our servers. So it goes.

At IBC we'll be demoing our freshly available commercial version of our Flumotion streaming server (we also have our new website online). A big thanks to Johan Dahlin, who is the only person in the world to have been hired by our company twice, and to Murray Cumming, who wrote our new Flumotion manual, which will be available online for the free version soon.

Maybe we should show some Dirac streaming too, since the BBC, David and Christian seem to be here.


  1. you should check out the red light district that is where the real entertainment is… and i don’t mean anything other than watching weird folks wandering around. it will be free and way more memorable than a hollywood movie that you could watch in any country.

    Comment by metabradley — 2008-09-11 @ 15:35

  2. Hmm interesting, i’m at IBC for work related purposes also, might take a peek.. what’s your booth number?

    Comment by Anthony — 2008-09-11 @ 16:22

  3. IBC is a great show; so much cool stuff to look at. I used to go there every year in my old job (99 through 03). Have fun there!

    Comment by davidz — 2008-09-11 @ 18:33

  4. Pretty please, try get danish public radio (they do TV as well) as clients ;). They probably can’t afford it, But the guys they’ve hired today have no clue whatsoever, it’s based on darwin streaming server…… and it’s been in beta forever.


    Comment by anon — 2008-09-11 @ 19:15

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