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today’s best moment

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 3:21 pm

3:21 pm

Yesterday was spent doing a company event (climbing trees in ‘el bosc vertical’) – I had to rub my eyes when I got on the bus to see the bus close to full, some 45 people leaving from the World Trade Center. We’ve come a long way.

I had a flight booked on Saturday morning leaving at 8:00 AM in a vain attempt to get to Christophe’s wedding on time. I wasn’t able to arrange for transportation getting off the plane (Kristien ‘working’ at the radio and other friends not going to the service) so I took the early flight for no good reason at all in the end.

There was also a birthday party last night, with food starting at 22:00 and, in Spanish tradition, with 30+ people attending, at least an hour between the ‘last coffee’ and ‘standing outside’ moment – which was at 1.30

Does one cut his losses at 1.30 AM for a 6:40 AM wake up or just keep going ? I went with the latter and joined the group in going out, which, in Spanish tradition, involved people proposing various places, going to a few, and settling on something that actually has room in the area of some place we actually wanted to go but didn’t have room. We shook the booty until 4:45 AM – I wanted to give myself at least one full sleep cycle.

Woke up into a coma, dragged myself out of the house, kept myself awake with loud music in the taxi and in the waiting area, and continuously dozed off and woke up again when my head fell on the plane.

With the plane arriving 20 minutes early, I was able to get on the regional bus – without having to wait for it, and leaving just as I had gotten on – that leaves just outside the airport, takes 55 minutes to go to my house where it has a stop exactly in front of it. A rare trip where all elements align to make it a swift one, even if the conditions were less than ideal.

So, today’s best moment ? Figuring out for a second if there’s any way I can prolong my comatose state and attempt at dozing, setting my alarm to 40 minutes into the future, and then sprawling myself across the backseat, with The National on headphones, dozing off with the rumble of the engines, sunkissed by an October morning sun filtered into warming specks by the dirt on a window that went unwashed for a month.

Comfortably numb.


  1. Wait, wait… 45 people? You can’t just casually drop that info :)

    Comment by Luis — 2008-10-12 @ 3:46 pm

  2. @Luis: our companies have been steadily growing – Flumotion has some 25 people, Fluendo some 8, and Fluendo embedded some 12. I’d actually have to check the numbers or ask someone because I lost count.

    Comment by Thomas — 2008-10-13 @ 11:55 am

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