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1:31 pm

In response to Peter’s question on upcoming concerts:

That’s, from top to bottom, tickets at the Ancienne Belgique for:

  • Stef Bos, 28/01/09 (2)
  • Spinvis solo, 23/01/09 (2)
  • Frank Vander Linden solo, 22/01/09 (2)
  • Gorki theatertour, 15/01/09 (2)
  • Notwist, 11/12/08 (1)
  • Elbow, 11/11/08 (2)
  • Heather Nova (but I’m going for the opener, Scarce, a band with an amazing 13 year old debut and an amazing story on what happened after that) (1)

With all these concerts I got from the AB, I also ordered the 15+3 drink coins ticket :)

In addition, I plan to go to see the Walkmen at the AB club (23/10/2008) – oh do I still regret that one time where Gerald from Charlatan told me ‘you should come this weekend to see this new band called Walkmen play, they’re your kind of music’ and I ignored him.

And furthermore, I have tickets for Sigur Ros at Vorst Nationaal on 16/11/2008 (2) and My Morning Jacket at Cirque Royal on 1/11/2008 (1) And I plan to go see Sigur Ros in Barcelona as well, but not sure yet.

As you can guess from above, I am looking incredibly forward to tonight’s Scarce set. I don’t recall why I ended up buying this album, because nobody knew about it, but I probably bought it on a vague Pixies reference at a time where I was jumping on anything that sounded anything like the Pixies. After an opening tour for Hole in Europe, right after their UK debut album launched, the singer got hit with a brain aneurysm. He lapsed into a coma, and woke up weeks later, unable to remember that he was in a band. He relearnt his songs, tried to go on tour again with his band, but was unable to enjoy it as he had no memory of it happening before. They ended up splitting in 1996. If it were a movie it would be called over the top.

And apparently, he went back to making music, and now they have rejoined, and they are opening tonight for Heather Nova, of all people!

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