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10:28 pm

Thursday it finally happened – a concert I’ve been waiting for for a few years now. Finally, The Walkmen would be back in Belgium!

I missed them at my first opportunity because I didn’t know them and didn’t trust the bar owner that invited me to pick good music for me. How wrong I was.

Make no mistake, The Walkmen, besides having one of the coolest band names ever, are … intense … live. I’m surprised the singer didn’t have any veins pop out of his head. And I’m amazed that anybody is physically capable of squealing in tune for so long at a time.

I’m just like you
I never hear the bad news

The concert, though short, didn’t disappoint – playing my new favorites from their latest album, You and Me, as well as knocking me out with songs I’ve grown to love over the last few years. Thinking of a dream I had was especially everything I expected – that song is made for the stage, going from ecstatic/crazy to full-on melancholic (when that organ hits) and back again.

I think one of the reasons I like them so much is because I like guitars that sound like someone in the basement of the old school is rattling a wrench against the radiator bars. Think some Sonic Youth songs, some Placebo songs on their first album – and pretty much any track the Walkmen do. I just love that sound.

When I used to go out
I’d know everyone I saw
now I go out alone
if I go out at all

Go buy their albums !


  1. Agreed. And ‘You & Me’ is a definate return to form after the unfortunate ‘Pussy Cats’.

    Comment by eoin — 2008-10-25 @ 11:27 pm

  2. I’m seeing them in London next week, can’t wait. Pussycats shouldn’t really be judged too harshly it was more of a side project and a jape. I haven’t heard You & Me yet but I’m encouraged by your words.

    Comment by Jon Pritchard — 2008-10-26 @ 7:56 pm

  3. Hardly “one of the coolest band names ever”… there have been at least two other bands called “The Walkmen” in my lifetime, so it’s not terribly imaginative.

    Comment by SW — 2008-10-29 @ 1:18 pm

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