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At Europython this year I met a guy called Stani whose name indicated he was Belgian. And indeed he was. We got to chatting and it turned out that, besides being a Python hacker with some interest in trying out GStreamer, he was also an artist. He told me about some of the - to me fascinating - projects he had worked on before. And he revived my interest in writing some GStreamer demo code that could help him figure out some of the specifics in GStreamer better (which I don't think I ever wrote anything about, so here's where I left it at after Europython. It currently has a simple player application lifted from gst-python, but abstracted, organised and commented a bit better, and including a wxPython frontend as well from Stani.

Anyway, that's not the point. I subscribed to his blog after Europython but nothing much came in. Until yesterday - apparently he won a design contest for the commemorative 5 euro coin in Holland. He did the actual work using only Free Software, and the result looks impressive.

It is rare for a person to be gifted with both the creative range of ideas and the actual skills to carry them out. It is something I strive for and never quite achieve. Congratulations Stani!


  1. […] seems that various people are really fond of the Dutch commemorative 5 Euro coin designed by Stani Michiels using free […]

    Pingback by Blogroll » Open source coins — 2008-10-31 @ 18:17

  2. Thanks for the nice words and helping me out with gstreamer at Europython. I’ve gone a bit further with your code and released it as pystreamer: https://launchpad.net/pystreamer
    Hope to have a beer with you again,

    Comment by Stani — 2008-11-29 @ 22:37

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