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Throw those curtains wide

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11:27 pm

Prize for best intersong banter this year goes to Guy of Elbow

Who where in the audience is married ? Raise your hands

Wow, that’s not a lot of you. Who of you was once married ?

OK, raise your hand if you were married more than twice.

You, what’s your name ? Stef ?

Ok, this next song is for Stef, the most married man in the room!

As always, a spectacular concert. What a voice… He’s definitely grown in his role as a band leader over the years. Besides the amusing banter between songs, he had the crowd sing Happy Birthday to his girlfriend, who was in the room, and he challenged us to sing Bohemian Rhapsody during the ‘band-goes-off-stage-and-hangs-backstage-before-the-encore’ part, which worked out better than expected.

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  1. Oh my aching sides. I hope he’s better at singing.

    Comment by SW — 2008-12-4 @ 12:36 am

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