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Autumn Winter

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Amazingly, it's been snowing pretty much all day long. I hope I will actually be able to get a bus to the airport in an hour!

I know have my own garden full of snow. Ownership can be a wonderful thing.

Yesterday's Death Cab For Cutie's concert was mostly ruined by an invasion of American girls at the front. Either the current song was a favourite of one of them, causing them to yell incessantly about how the song was their favourite, or it wasn't a favourite of any of them, in which case they yelled incessantly about other things.

In any case, Ben Gibbard mentioned to the audience how he felt that the day before he had passed another milestone on the way to adulthood when he opened the door and thought 'Oh no. Snow.' While before he would have thought, 'Yay, snow.' And he felt a little sad.

I could only feel happy knowing that the day before my first reaction had been indeed 'Yay, snow!'

Trot out the boards please.

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  1. Well how could anyone _not_ love snow? I mean except for those grumpy car drivers :-P

    Comment by oliver — 2008-11-23 @ 19:00

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