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Last NYC tips

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So, we could use one more important tip.

We're arriving this Saturday fairly late at night, and I want to jump right into the nightlife I still have the strength.

But I have no idea where to go, and I hear it's hard to get into places... so drop me a line and tell me where to go, or if you live there, and take us on. (BTW, I'm more into rock/guitar or RNB and not into electronic, if that helps)

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  1. We went to NYC last month. I have no tips for rock/guitar bars but here is one if you want to go to a musical : we went to see Avenue Q (based on a tip from someone here). Really funny, feel good musical although a tad moralistic(?). We bought our tickets the same day at the TKTS booth on Times Square with 50% discount. The lines seem daunting at first but they move quickly (we started queuing around 4 o clock on a friday). And it’s not just a wasted half an hour since you’re standing in the middle of the action, so well worth the wait.

    If you are into running, take your running shoes with you. An early morning run in Central Park is refreshing (jetlag will wake you up). And as a Belgian it was really funny to see all those Pain Quotidiens with exactly the same familiar food and interior all over the place. We went there every time since we are not such a big fan of the American breakfast.

    Comment by Bart — 2008-11-28 @ 09:23

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