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Two weeks ago for some reason I didn't even know that Joss Whedon had a new TV series out.

I just finished watching Dollhouse, Episode 6 just now. It was all kinds of awesome. I have purposefully not read too much about the series because it seems Joss is getting a lot of backlash. And now I'm looking for reviews of episode 6 and it seems this is the episode where Joss really puts things into motion.

Well, it certainly clicked with me. The first 5 episodes are slow buildups, introducing new elements all over the places, and having little of the trademark JW dialogue but enough of the trademark JW setups and subtle hints. And then bam - 6 delivers in spades.

Well ... I'm ...
sure I'm in need of some serious moral spankitude, but ...
uhm... guess who's not qualified to be a rabbi.

Man, I love the internet. Thanks for letting me know through Planet Twisted, Itamar!


  1. You will love episode 7! And 8 is also nice.
    (btw, when the season 1 dvd box is available in shops, I will buy it.)

    Joss Whedon rules!

    Comment by Paul Cobbaut — 2009-04-07 @ 00:48

  2. I really like this show, hope it doesnt get canceled ala firefly

    Comment by Kevin — 2009-04-07 @ 17:10

  3. Yup, Dollhouse rocks. Two words: “man reaction” :D

    Comment by Gusar — 2009-04-08 @ 17:03

  4. Eh .. following your “Joss Whedon rules!” mantra, I downloaded Firefly.
    It’s awful. A poorly played budget sci-fi. I’m not thanking you.

    Comment by Xav — 2009-04-08 @ 19:03

  5. The Firefly series was a good start imho. It just didn’t get a chance for season 3 or season 5 like Angel did.


    Comment by Paul Cobbaut — 2009-05-03 @ 00:19

  6. Firefly is one of the TV Series that was created by Joss Whedon. I love Firefly so much but it does not have Season 2.;:”

    Comment by Oscar Turner — 2010-06-13 @ 14:59

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