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Skype hack session

Filed under: GStreamer,Hacking,Python — Thomas @ 11:18 pm

11:18 pm

Today, Jan and I did some hacking over Skype! It was fun, worked out well. Jaime was off shopping and Kristien had her radio show and some interview with Flowrida.

Jan mostly helped me with stuff though, he didn’t seem to need any help from me. I started ripping CD’s to flac this week, and was very disappointed yesterday when my jukebox program didn’t seem to work at all with .flac files. With Jan’s help I narrowed down the problem, checked with Edward, then I fixed it on a git branch.

I also set up http publishing of my personal git branches, and a cgit installation. cgit was a little more difficult to configure than I’d like, the documentation isn’t much help. I’ll keep that for a separate post though.

Anyway, my jukebox is happily playing again with all the freshly and accurately ripped .flac files I have. My life just improved by 20% !

Although, I don’t know whether it was switching to uridecodebin for decoding, or some bug in .flac, but sometimes the composition just seems to jump a few seconds.

I’ll worry about that later, first fix some more bugs and make the jukebox example a bit more featureful. I’m wondering what to do on ‘next’ and ‘previous’ – rearrange the composition on the fly to match ? I hope gnonlin will be able to keep up…

Tip from our hacking session: add persistent history to your gdb session by putting the following in .gdbinit:

set history filename ~/.gdbhistory
set history save on


  1. What are you using for accurate ripping?

    Comment by Sam Thursfield — 2009-4-19 @ 3:37 am

  2. Ewww, non-free software. I hope it didn’t modify your commits!

    Comment by foo — 2009-4-19 @ 4:34 am

  3. @Sam: currently EAC running under Wine, to build a collection to compare against. After that, I plan to write something that uses cdparanoia but handles pregaps correctly and does AccurateRip verification.

    Comment by Thomas — 2009-4-19 @ 9:35 am

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