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A few weeks ago a few neurons tragically misfired, causing me to click a buy button on a 20 item shopping cart at Amazon.

Really, I just wanted to buy Overqualified, after reading how Joey sold out his first run already and realizing I did not want to wait for a second print. But somehow I thought I'd optimize my costs if I added some more stuff from my wishlist.

Anyway, the post office had trouble finding the books I had ordered. Probably because instead of a normal box, the books were packaged in this:

Inside was the traditional Amazon box:
Sadly, things that look like a bag are thrown around like a bag. The soft carton inside the bag was not strong enough to protect the books inside of being damaged.

If your spine reading is good, you can see what I ended up ordering:

The problem is I already had stuff I still have to read; I have a special hole in my bookshelf just for that:

Maybe it's time for another week of stay-at-home-holiday...

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  1. Er, why didn’t you just amend the order?

    Comment by Jimmy Choo — 2009-05-02 @ 16:37

  2. @Jimmy Choo – well, I really did want all those books. I just feel guilty.

    Comment by Thomas — 2009-05-03 @ 11:57

  3. You’re going to fell even more guilty in a years time, when you realize 90% of the books are still unread.

    Comment by Jeremy — 2009-05-03 @ 13:21

  4. @Jeremy: why the negativity? My bookshelf is full of books I’ve read.

    Comment by Thomas — 2009-05-03 @ 13:35

  5. This is a nice and varied selection.

    Maybe Jeremy is hoping for a garage sale.

    Comment by Folbert — 2009-05-03 @ 14:06

  6. Thomas,

    I , well.. my back then also pregnan wife, had a similar experience when I ordered a $100 Amazon Voucher worth of books. Heavy books,

    Comment by Kris Buytaert — 2009-05-04 @ 13:30

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