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Jan and Arek entered this year's ICFP programming contest. It's a three day programming contest, so this morning they asked if they could swap their Friday project day for today to finish the contest. They seem to be in the top third at the moment.

Arek's never been a fan of long meetings, but today's standup meeting was particularly amusing with Arek urging everyone to keep focused and get out there quickly. They had less than two hours left on the clock.

71089 Spot the seven differences

Amusingly, today they came to work with almost the same shirt on, by accident! I can only assume there is a big clothes factory in Poland where they have huge stock of the same fabric...

90 minutes left, knock them dead, guys!


  1. I participated too! My team was http://wiki.freaks-unidos.net/icfp/2009/index It was my first time. We did very poorly. Hope to perform better next time.

    Comment by Manuel Cerón — 2009-06-29 @ 21:41

  2. Nuts, I usually do the ICFP but this year I just found out about it via planet python — and it’s over!

    I thought I’d bang out a VM anyway and try my hand at the simple scenarios. But alas, the organizers seem to have taken down all the VM binaries already.

    Comment by Jack Diederich — 2009-06-30 @ 00:03

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