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Flumotion and Dirac

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To join the celebration of Schrödinger's 1.0 release (actually they're already up to 1.0.1 but I was late), I finished up my patch to add Dirac encoding to Flumotion, adapting it for Johan's new wizard split-up.

As you can see, the changeset is pretty simple, so if you're hiding an encoder up your sleeve, it's really easy to hook it up to Flumotion once you have it working in GStreamer.

If anyone has the horsepower to get a 25fps full PAL stream running, feel free to let us know :)

Austin, TX

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I'm in your lone star state
eatin' your lone star waffles
and they ain't very sunday-go-to-meetin'

Quick runthrough for the folks back home

  • The hotel has us making our own waffles. Take a cup, fill it with dough, pour it in iron, close iron, turn iron and timer starts. 2 minutes later, a fresh waffle. Too bad it tastes like nothing more than bread.
  • first night was a food and drinks party at a bar with a shark tank in the floor. Open bars really are the grease of a conference. J5 taught us the necessary tipping etiquette to improve our cocktail quality, and Wim and I spent the rest of the night practising it and asking the waitress to make up cocktails for us.
  • I took a visit of the RANGER supercomputer which is right here in the uni - around 16000 blade servers working together. After that, I had a real American burger with whurley (who followed through on his plan to take down his blog, because his site is down atm). In the process I got my hands eaten:
  • I did not pay for any food five days straight. Plane food on monday and friday, hotel breakfast, conference lunch, and corporate dinners. OTOH, I missed out on a real Texan BBQ because free is more attractive.
  • Fry's is huge. I found a wireless card that happens to work under Linux and supports airodump-ng. I also brought home a Bluray disc (to try on my new TV about to arrive next week), a nerf gun and a Gigabit switch (which seems hard to find in stores in Belgium these days, because everyone wants wireless). Note to jrb: the theme was, in fact, "music" - I just didn't notice.
  • Good to see a bunch of usual suspects again, including fcrozat, blizzard, jrb, behdad, yippi, lewing, Keith (I don't think the man has an irc nick), mjg59, davej, and of course Uraeus (apparently the only person I know with a capitalised nick) and wtay

Paypal in 2008

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 16:12


When I moved to Spain, I was surprised to see that Paypal didn't let you change the country of your home address.

Well, it's 2008, and I want to add my new address in Belgium to my account. Guess what ?

"When moving from country to country, you will need to close your existing account and open a new account in the country where you will be residing.

For example, if you move from the U.S. to Canada, you will need to close your U.S. account and open a Canadian account. If you move from Canada to the U.S., you will need to close your Canadian account and open a U.S. account."

It's 2008 and nothing changed on the Paypal website.


Filed under: General — Thomas @ 22:25


I'll be in Austin this week at the Linux Collaboration Summit. I'll be going to represent Fluendo in its various forms, from the codecs over codeina to Elisa and Flumotion. If you're there and feel like collaborating, or just want to grill me on multimedia, drop me a line!

In related news, since the dollar is so "good" right now, I'm considering finally buying an audio player. My requirements are:

  • works with linux
  • plays flac and vorbis
  • has *at minimum* a 60 GB hard drive
  • is available in some store for direct purchase

Feel free to suggest players that work; the best I've found up to now is a Cowon iAudio 5 w. 60 GB. I thought iRiver was a good brand to get too, but I can't find anything above 40 GB

Up to now I've been using my N800 as a music player, but to be honest, the media player on it is just terrible. Even with the new 2008 OS it still has serious usability problems and I pretty much only use for playing complete albums because of them.

(I know there are alternatives, but none of them are terribly good either. And I just can't be bothered to write my own :))

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