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Brain damage

Filed under: GStreamer,Open Source — Thomas @ 10:32


Tim pointed me to a bug report about GStreamer. I couldn't resist from commenting on a comment that questioned my mental capacity :)

(In reply to comment #4)
> I still wonder who invented such ugly naming scheme for gstreamer plugins?

I don't think you wondered really hard because it's not that hard to find who
did. It was me.

> Who
> is this completely braindamaged guy, who combines all plugins into several
> packs, which names says nothing about their actual content.

If memory serves, the same guy that you met in person some years ago.

> I still hope, that sometimes there will be a great developer, who will split
> these good/bad/ugly/etc packages into something more suitable for end-users.

And I still hope that some people will not assume everyone else is stupid just
because they're talking on the internet.

Whether or not the GStreamer plugin-split and its naming was a good idea is obviously debatable. I still think that we did the right thing there, and he could have read the explanation.

But regardless, people, seem to think that because it's the Internet, common courtesy isn't necessary. Especially in our communities, people can get abrasive online where they wouldn't be in real life because they have a real person in front of them.

Often, these people emulate people like Linus Torvalds, who is known to have a certain abrasiveness. Linus gets away with it because he's made undeniable and genius contributions to the community. The problem are the disciples, taking him as an example, confusing correlation with causality, and copying his abrasive style thinking it will lead to genius.

I'm extrapolating this particular bug report here - I can't or won't comment on his contributions, which are many as well. I know about a lot of them, since he interviewed here for a job a year ago. I'm mentioning this to make sure you know that the Internet is not always as anonymous or isolated as you think it is. You can't delete stuff from the net, and people will evaluate you by your online presence, for better or worse.

And if the person commenting is really interested in the plugin split, feel free to talk to me, but let's keep the chatter out of the bug report.

Now excuse me, I'm late for my CAT scan. Better safe than sorry!

UPDATE: someone commented that I breached etiquette; so I removed some details like the bug report and a part of the comment. I should have thought it through, I had no idea what I did was considered as such. My excuses.

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