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WTF of the month

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Dear VDR developers,

I wanted to try VDR for the first time in my life with a spanking new DVB-T card.

I installed vdr and started it and here's what happened:

[root@sangria ~]# vdr
vdr: please turn off UTF-8 before starting VDR
[root@sangria ~]#

Could you please tell me where in my BIOS I turn off this UTF-8 you speak of. Also, is there any chance this UTF-8 thing could actually be resolved in software somehow ? I don't know what it is but it sounds really complicated so I can understand if that would be too much work to do on behalf of a simple user like me. Really I just want to watch some TV, that's it.

Thank you for your hard work !


one two one two

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Learned a new Spanish negotiation trick this week: when being asked to provide something, say "yes of course" then talk about the weather, the place you are in, show the other person around your building, and not mention the requested thing anymore. Repeat on each request until requester is out of time and needs to fly back to another part of the country.

Next milestone is to actually be the applier of the trick instead of the applied-to-er.

Two - I have to find a way to not have my working day end past midnight.

I've been meaning to self-glorify extensively by listing books I've read over the past few years - as the subway has made me rediscover reading with a vengeance - but for now I just want to say that I really enjoyed reading "Cat's Cradle" by Kurt Vonnegut, and "Slaughterhouse five" was not bad either, though slightly less riveting.

Congratulations to Jeroen and Ingrid, who were joined by Jasper during the past week !

Looking forward to some friend's 30th birthday party this weekend, I expect to see a lot of people I haven't seen since university.

Also, good news ! I am going to LCA ! I will be presenting Flumotion, of all things. I am probably the only one accepted with three rejection mails in the INBOX as well, which is amusing. I really would have liked to do a presentation on Savon at least, since I think the marriage of Subversion and System Administration is A Good Idea, but obviously I'm biased. I guess I will need to draw my motivation for a release of it from another source of dark energy instead.

Now let's see if my food-deprived brain will be able to put itself to sleep...


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In keeping with Peter's etymologic discoveries, I came across one I didn't know myself today. I was watching a TV show with Spanish subtitles and was thrown by the word "luegoteniente". The English word being spoken was "lieutenant". And then it hit me that this must come from French, and is a combination of lieu and tenant: place, and the gerund of "to keep" or "to have". So, a person taking someone else's place. The Spanish word made me see the word I knew for so long for what it really was.

Yes, it's late, I can't come up with anything more interesting :)

Mixing business and pleasure

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13.45: call new customer and ask some technical questions
15.03: downloading and burning FC5 CD and DVD install CD's - 15 minute download time
15.26: burn CD with latest updates and custom software
17.30: leave work with backpack with laptop and CD's
17:49: take subway
18.03: pass by Casa Battlo on foot, admire the building again as usual
18:07: enter radio station
18:10: talk about radio stuff while installing encoding machine
18:35: get shown around radio
19:15: install last packages, discuss firewall
19:25: reboot to verify macine connects to platform on its own and install in technical room
19:43: leave radio
19.51: sit down at Ciudad Condal and order croquetas de jamon, montadito de solomillo and montadito de langostinos to celebrate