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Package repository updated for Fedora 16

Filed under: Fedora,mach,moap,morituri — Thomas @ 09:38


Following up on last night's post, I updated my package repositories with all packages I currently work on before sending them off to Fedora.

The repository is updated with chromaprint, gstreamer-chromaprint, longomatch, and some of my own projects: moap, mach, morituri, and savon.

redland-bindings for Fedora 14

Filed under: Fedora,moap — Thomas @ 22:30


Turns out that the behaviour changes and problems in redland-bindings I was experiencing were not necessarily bugs, although opinions may differ.

I filed some bugs, and fixed moap to adjust for the behavioural changes, sprinkling comments.

I packaged up redland-bindings and it's available from my package repository.
I'm going to retry to get it into Fedora properly, so here is the package review request.

moap vcs bisect

Filed under: Flumotion,moap,Python — Thomas @ 20:32


Next step on this weekend's yakshave: a first implementation of moap vcs bisect!

The interface is lifted from git, obviously, since that's where most people will know the feature from.

I implemented it first with CVS, so I could fix this pychecker bug which was blocking Fedora from bumping the pychecker version from 0.8.17 (3 years old) to 0.8.18. And sure enough, it picked out the commit I broke.

While implementing and while dealing with CVS's idea of how it stores CVS revisions and dates and so on, I googled and was amused to find this first hit on google for the words cvs and bisect. Clever Andy! And he cleverly sidestepped the problem I wrestled with by making the user specify two dates at the start instead of trying to figure it out from the checkout. And all in lisp too!

Then, to test that my VCS interface was sane, I implemented it for Subversion as well. That took about 15 minutes, since Subversion is much more sane than CVS. I tried the following command on a flumotion checkout:

moap vcs bisect reset; moap vcs bisect start; svn up; moap vcs bisect good; svn up -r 3000; moap vcs bisect bad; MOAP_DEBUG=4 moap vcs bisect run ./test.sh

With test.sh containing

test -e flumotion/component/consumers/gdp/gdp.py

(In other words, look for the commit that added this file.)

Sure enough, it picked out this commit:

[moap-trunk] [thomas@ana flumotion]$ moap vcs bisect diff
Index: /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/configure.ac
--- /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/configure.ac (revision 6909)
+++ /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/configure.ac (revision 6908)
@@ -212,7 +212,6 @@
Index: /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/flumotion/component/consumers/Makefile.am
--- /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/flumotion/component/consumers/Makefile.am (revision 6909)
+++ /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/flumotion/component/consumers/Makefile.am (revision 6908)
@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@

disker \
- gdp \
httpstreamer \
preview \
Index: /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/ChangeLog
--- /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/ChangeLog (revision 6909)
+++ /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/ChangeLog (revision 6908)
@@ -1,16 +1,5 @@
2008-06-20 Thomas Vander Stichele

- * configure.ac:
- * flumotion/component/consumers/Makefile.am:
- * flumotion/component/consumers/gdp (added):
- * flumotion/component/consumers/gdp/gdp.py (added):
- * flumotion/component/consumers/gdp/__init__.py (added):
- * flumotion/component/consumers/gdp/Makefile.am (added):
- * flumotion/component/consumers/gdp/gdp.xml (added):
- Add a GDP consumer.
-2008-06-20 Thomas Vander Stichele -
* flumotion/component/producers/gdp/gdp.py:
Add error for http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=532364

So, the feature is ready for testing. It could use some more documenting, and some additional goodies like accepting arguments to moap vcs bisect start for example.

Feedback appreciated!

moap 0.2.7 released

Filed under: Hacking,moap,Python,Releases — Thomas @ 21:41


moap is a swiss army knife for maintainers and developers.

This is MOAP 0.2.7, "MMM...".

Coverage in 0.2.7: 1424 / 1899 (74 %), 109 python tests, 2 bash tests

Features added since 0.2.6:
- Added moap vcs backup, a command to backup a checkout to a tarball that
can be used later to reconstruct the checkout. Implemented for svn.
- Fixes for git-svn, git, svn and darcs.
- Fixes for Python 2.3 and Python 2.6

I've been fixing things left and right for python 2.6, and in the process I noticed that moap hasn't had a release for over a year. This release contains mostly bug fixes collected over the year, and a new feature that isn't implemented yet for all VCS's. Basically it's an automatic replacement for something I was doing manually every time I removed an old GNOME cvs/svn/git checkout: figure out what's in that tree that's not in the repository (diffs, unversioned files, ...), so I can delete everything else and free some disk space.

The only problem with this release is that, after doing the release, I noticed that Freshmeat removed their XML-RPC interface. Apparently they have some new kind of interface they want people to use. Sigh. But that means 0.2.8 is right around the corner!

MOAP 0.2.6 is out

Filed under: Hacking,moap — Thomas @ 16:43


A new release was long overdue. Over 20 bugs fixed. Sorry to all the maintainers who had to maintain their project without this!

I am looking for packagers for various distros. I have people for Debian/Ubuntu and am going to submit for Fedora myself in a bit. But all other packagers are welcome, both to package moap and to try it out

If you're interested, here are the release notes:

This is MOAP 0.2.6, "Nerd Night".

Coverage in 0.2.6: 1288 / 1742 (73 %), 103 python tests, 2 bash tests

Features added since 0.2.5:
- Added support for git-svn.
- Fix brz diff.
- Added moap changelog find to search through a ChangeLog.
- Added man page.
- Added moap tracadmin to administrate trac installations.
- Added changed properties/added/deleted files when preparing ChangeLog entries.
- Added checking of unchanged ChangeLog entry template.

Bugs fixed since 0.2.5:
- 263: broken changelog unit test
- 267: a man page
- 270: cl find completely busted
- 275: cl prepare --ctags failure with exuberant ctags 5.7
- 257: ImportError: No module named moap.util
- 258: git-svn support
- 259: bzr diff patch
- 266: svn:ignore property not well parsed
- 273: DEP: RDF, Fedora release 7 (Moonshine)
- 277: "changelog prepare" doesn't list changed functions in C++ files.
- 281: changelog prepare -c crashes with "not a ctags line"
- 282: make install fails
- 284: not full change detected on svn move file
- 286: [svn] propedit on externals is not recognized as a change
- 239: warn if ChangeLog has not been saved
- 260: Add changelog grep command
- 261: Option to make 'changelog diff' include differences in ChangeLog file
- 262: changelog find: fix for multiple search terms
- 264: Make changelog find case insensitive by default
- 265: git diff should show staged changes
- 271: trailing spaces in date/name/address line for entry break parsing

Contributors to this release:
- Arek Korbik
- Marc-Andre Lureau
- Thomas Vander Stichele
- Tim Philipp-Müller

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