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Linux HDMI audio/video cards ?

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 16:11


Googling isn't helping me much with this question. Pretty soon I'm going to want to buy a video card that can output Full HD HDMI video with audio integrated, all from Linux. This card should be noiseless, so fanless. Do cards like that exist yet ?

Flumotion streaming VP8 in Ogg and WebM

Filed under: Flumotion — Thomas @ 14:12


For personal reasons, I haven't been blogging lately, but lights are starting to prick through the clouds.

The past week however was a very interesting week in multimedialand as I'm sure most of you already know. In a nutshell, Google bought On2, a codec company (responsible for VP3, the seed for Theora, and VP6, used in Flash). Then they released VP8, their latest codec, as an open source codec.

Read all of the other posts for the nitty gritty about patent issues, code and codec quality. But it was amazing to see the community active, patches show up everywhere for programs, and rallying to make open source do what it does best.

Meanwhile, back at the farm (our little streaming company), a bunch of our hackers got excited too and executed on the match made in heaven. Zaheer's blog has all the details, and yesterday all I did was check out a bunch of code and run this simple Flumotion launch line:

PYTHONPATH=`pwd` FLU_DEBUG=4 bin/flumotion-launch videotest-producer ! vp8-encoder ! webm-muxer ! http-streamer

And it Just Worked in the WebM Firefox build.

The part I like best about this ? I didn't have to do a single thing, or say a single thing, or ask a single thing, to get our guys excited and hacking and delivering. Just as well, because again for personal reasons, I wouldn't have had much time or energy to help them out.

It makes me proud to be a CTO of this company. A big thanks to Zaheer, Andoni, and Xavier, and anyone else I may have missed because I wasn't paying attention.