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Transcoding webinar

Filed under: Flumotion — Thomas @ 18:34


I'm doing a webinar in a couple of minutes on Video In The Cloud: Live and On-demand Encoding and Delivery. A bit late to announce that if you want to catch it (I've been busy, sorry), but it will probably get recorded and be made available later on.

I'm there with people from Amazon, Sorenson and Zencoder, so that should give a good Q&A session.

It's a challenge doing that from Europe at the moment - I left the office past 23, and Neil even later - but it's a good opportunity to talk about the things we're working on.

morituri 0.1.2 “VCR” released

Filed under: morituri,Releases — Thomas @ 17:13


I finally got around to completing my release, after a week of absence from my apartment.

This is intended as a release for daring and curious people who've had enough
of the fact that Windows has a more accurate CD ripper than Linux.

Here are the features:

- UTF-8/unicode handling fixes
- improved error handling
- ignore tags for alac and wav
- work around GStreamer flacparse bugs
- change how paths get referenced in .cue files
- properly interpret AccurateRip results; no more assertions on unexpected
ordering of results
- add debug command

Get it at morituri or from package repositories if you're on Fedora 14/15