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Shameless plugging

Filed under: Flumotion,Python,Work — Thomas @ 08:04


So, Flumotion is once again on the lookout for new talent to join their ranks!

At the moment, we're looking for something we've never looked for before, so the lazyweb can chime in on suggestions about the kind of person I'm looking for. We need to flesh out Flumotion's user manual, which has been in a sorry state after my initial burst of writing a few years ago.

So, I'm not sure if I'm looking for a good writer that happens to be interested in Free Software and technology, or if I'm looking for a developer or QA person that just happens to be a decent writer. Maybe a mix of both ?

What I do know is that, if you think this is something you have done in the past or you feel you could do, let me know. And if you've had the same problem before in your company and had to solve it creatively, feel free to let me know as well. Or if you'd just like to pontificate, that works for me as well.

And if you, person of extreme documenting skills, happen to be at FOSDEM, hunt me down and talk to me!

We are, besides that, also looking for the usual - talented savvy developers with experience in or a desire to learn Python, and hack on the core of Flumotion, our platform, related services, or our websites and portals. We need more than one, so don't be shy - if you think, and rightly so, that Barcelona is a great city to be and Flumotion is a great company to get you there, let me know! Step up at FOSDEM and let me know, or drop me a line at thomas at flumotion dot com


Filed under: General — Thomas @ 00:42


Hell: lying awake at night in fever dreams, 38.5C fever, the night before you have a two day "strategic business session" where we discuss our future plans.

Heaven: having an absurdly luxurious hotel suite for the task, lying in a nice hot bath tub, warming my chilly shivering bones, with a view on the valley on the left side and watching Firefly on the laptop.

In unrelated news, this weekend I'm obviously going to FOSDEM, doing a test run of our new apartment which is close-to-ready (all the floors are covered !), and my co-founder Julien is staying over with his family. I hope they enjoy the camping experience :)

We're not the only ones from the Fluendo family there - Loic is doing a Pigment talk in our favourite GNOME room, and right after that Alessandro will be giving an Elisa talk - make sure to come by and heckle him about DVB support! :)

I was under the impression that our sunny defector Jan Schmidt was giving a talk as well that I wanted to link to, but apparently teuf forgot or something and now Jan doesn't feel honourbound to still give his talk. I'll ask for a private audition instead then, and you should do so too, and take the opportunity to congratulate him on some excellent GStreamer releases!

60 months

Filed under: Life — Thomas @ 22:14


I'd like to thank my sweet sweet butterbee for putting up with the egotistical asshole that I am for so long. It may not be much for other people, but five years is a long time for the both of us.

Even though we're not together tonight, I'm sure that pretty soon we will celebrate in style in our new apartment that's just about done this week.

Baby, you're the best.

Post-mortem for lost sleep

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 17:17


So, I had a 3 hour delay on my 21:00 flight last night out of Barcelona. Never mind how badly the company informed us even when I was telling them what was going on, that's a different story (involving me asking the question, "So you're saying that it is possible for a plane to leave Belgium at 21:05 and arrive in Barcelona at 21:00, flying 1400 km while travelling 5 minutes back in time ?" to which the droids replied "yes, of course.". Clearly they were not listening)

So, my plan was to sleep in late, and I advised relevant parties of my plan.

Wake-ups that prevented me from sleeping late:

  • Kristien's alarm waking us up
  • Kristien kissing me goodbye
  • My mom calling - I rejected the call
  • My answering machine calling me to tell me my mom called
  • Lunya, our cat, jumping on the bed

I gave up sleeping at 10:10, though the goal was to sleep until at least 11:30 to get my 8 hours.

So, treating this the way I do platform incidents, here are the resolutions:

  • Figure out a way to get Kristien to only wake me once
  • Ask my mother nicely again to never call me before 12:00 unless it is really urgent
  • Call Vodafone and figure out a way to configure my answering machine to not call me (maybe I should do that together with asking them for the third time to STOP SENDING ME PROMOTIONAL SMS'S AT 3.30 IN THE MORNING - even though now that I'm not on alarm duty anymore they don't actually wake me up anymore)
  • The cat problem is due to us living in Kristien's apartment which is in fact one big room, so there's no way to keep the cat away from the bed. That should be solved once we move into our new apartment Real Soon Now.

Other suggestions to protect my sleep are welcome.

A chicken’s life

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 12:11


What's it worth ? 1.59 euro, if I believe my supermarket.

Of course, probably a little less, given all the Value Added along the Chain before it arrives in my supermarket, plucked.

1.59 euro. 6 eggs, produced by such a chicken, are more expensive than the egg factory that is a chicken. Even though the egg factory can easily lay 6 * 6 * 6 * 6 eggs in its lifetime.

I wonder if this makes farm animals have a pecking order amongst themselves. Do cows go, "you lowly chicken, 100 grams of my shoulder is worth all of you. I stomp on thee" ?

I'm so glad I'm not a chicken.

PS: don't worry friends, I'm not turning vegetarian.

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