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morituri 0.1.3 “cranes” released

Filed under: morituri,Releases — Thomas @ 19:53


It was long overdue, but I finally got around to releasing a new version of morituri, my cd ripper.

Originally I planned to do a quick release so I could be the first cd ripper that supported MusicBrainz NGS, which I quickly implemented when they released that, and then figured out how to properly do multi-cd rips (which worked fine before MusicBrainz NGS but stopped working in the early days of MusicBrainz NGS).

Anyway, I finally made some time this week to fix a few dangling issues and clean up for a release.

See the trac page for more info and download links. You can also download it from my package repository for Fedora 16 if that's your distro.

For the curious, here's some more info:

Coverage in 0.1.3: 60 % (1716 / 2825), 85 python tests

Features added in 0.1.3:

- shorten really long file names if needed
- support multi-disc ripping
- add %y for release year in templates
- added rip cd rip --release-id option to select the exact release
- allow track and disc templates to create files in different directories
- work out relative paths from cue/m3u files to audio files

Bugs fixed in 0.1.3:

- 77: Unable to find solution to UTF-8 problem
- 93: Unable to choose if there are more than one matching CD
- 67: unable to rip multi-cd-sets correctly
- 73: rip image breaks with "query failed"
- 78: Could not create encoded file
- 84: Error when checksumming extremely short tracks
- 91: --release-id does not work for Pink Floyd - The Wall (Experience Edition) (Disc 1)
- 94: mp3vbr uses quality=0 instead of vbr-quality=0
- 95: Discs with multiple media not correctly identified.
- 99: rip offset find fails with "UnboundLocalError: local variable 'archecksum' referenced before assignment"
- 102: Unable to run without -d option
- 98: Year of release in templates

tidy for HTML5

Filed under: Fedora — Thomas @ 23:05


For a website for work, I wanted to make sure the web guy writes valid HTML code.

I found a validation middleware for Django, which uses tidy.

But the website is in HTML5, so the normal tidy doesn't validate it properly.

Luckily, there's tidy-html5, a fork of tidy for html5, and it's a drop-in replacement for tidy - to the point where it even works with python-tidy.

So I packaged it up for Fedora 16/17 and put it in my package repository.

The package conflicts with the tidy packages; I'm not sure if I should set it to Obsoletes: the tidy package instead, and I don't know if validates non-HTML5 the same way tidy does.

If anyone uses tidy regularly, give me some feedback. If anyone wants to take this into Fedora proper, let me know.

Released mach 1.0.1 “Concussion”

Filed under: Fedora,mach,Releases — Thomas @ 19:52


In the middle of my
I made an unlucky fall during basketball, falling on my back, and feeling my head continue its downward trajectory until it was halted painfully by the cement floor. As I tried to get up the world turned, and as I tried to walk to the bathroom five minutes later I involuntarly kept veering off to the left.

It took me a few weeks to recover from that, and I managed to go back to playing basketball after a month. But my amount of off-work hacking was zero.

That's now been over two months, so I've finally reserved part of the weekend for some hacking again. And now I'm busy tying up loose ends, of which this is one - a new mach release for Fedora 17. Nothing very special, just warming up the muscles again.

I'm comically amused by what is still my first ever python program, but I have no desire to redo it, clean it up, or continue on the half-done mach3 version (which uses novelty programming techniques like, you know, 'more than one file').