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tidy for HTML5

Filed under: Fedora — Thomas @ 23:05


For a website for work, I wanted to make sure the web guy writes valid HTML code.

I found a validation middleware for Django, which uses tidy.

But the website is in HTML5, so the normal tidy doesn't validate it properly.

Luckily, there's tidy-html5, a fork of tidy for html5, and it's a drop-in replacement for tidy - to the point where it even works with python-tidy.

So I packaged it up for Fedora 16/17 and put it in my package repository.

The package conflicts with the tidy packages; I'm not sure if I should set it to Obsoletes: the tidy package instead, and I don't know if validates non-HTML5 the same way tidy does.

If anyone uses tidy regularly, give me some feedback. If anyone wants to take this into Fedora proper, let me know.


  1. And the bug# is? I mean really, instead of hoping that the maintainer of tidy will read your blogpost, wouldn’t it be easier just to file a bug?

    Comment by MatÄ›j Cepl — 2012-11-12 @ 10:46

  2. I don’t know, is there a bug? What should I be filing a bug about?

    Comment by Thomas — 2012-11-12 @ 11:17

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